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Maths Workout is a fully interactive resource which offers varied and flexible learning. It is designed to challenge, engage and motivate students, reinforcing learning through a variety of tasks.

With over 3600 carefully differentiated, interactive tasks, Maths Workout is...

• Great for starters, main lessons and plenaries
• Ideal for whole class, group and individual study
• Perfect for revision and consolidation

There is an unlimited number of questions available on most tasks and instant feedback so students can work without needing your intervention.
Maths Workout supports Key Stages 3-4. It is ideal for GCSE Grades 9-2, Scottish National 5-3, Numeracy Certificates and Functional Skills at Level 2.

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Topics Covered
Arithmetic, Money, Time, Place Value, Decimals, Integers, Factors, Primes, Multiples, Powers, Order of Operations, Rounding, Estimation, Number Problems & Puzzles, Using a Calculator, Fractions, Percentages, Ratio, Proportion, Indices, Surds, Standard Form, Language Tasks & Quizzes.

Geometry & Measures
Measurement, Line, Rotational & Plane Symmetry, Shapes, Solids, Angles, Angles in a Polygon, Perimeter, Area, Capacity & Volume, Volume, Surface Area, Scale Drawings, Loci, Speed, Distance & Time, Transformations, Similarity, Pythagoras, Trigonometry, Circle Geometry, Vectors, Language Tasks & Quizzes.

Statistics & Probability
Tables & Diagrams, Mean, Median, Mode & Range, Pictograms, Bar Charts, Line Graphs, Scatter Graphs, Pie Charts, Stem & Leaf Diagrams, Probability, Data Handling Theory, Frequency Tables, Charts & Polygons, Histograms, Measures of Spread, Language Tasks & Quizzes.

Algebra & Problem Solving
Writing Algebra, Like Terms, Expanding Brackets, Factorising, Solving Equations, Algebraic Modelling, Substitution, Formulae, Problem Solving Theory, Spotting Patterns, Problems & Puzzles, Sequences, Straight Lines, Simultaneous Equations, Changing the Subject of a Formula, Quadratics, Indices, Algebraic Fractions, Inequalities, Proportion, Language Tasks & Quizzes.

This product can be accessed by teachers and students of the purchasing school from any computer at school or at home, provided that they do not advertise/share the school login details externally with any other third parties.
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