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ICT Workout is a fully interactive, online ICT resource which offers varied and flexible learning. It is designed to challenge, engage and motivate students, reinforcing learning through a variety of tasks.

ICT Workout consists of...

Exercises - Over 670 Interactive Tasks
Featuring drag & drops, quizzes, mind maps, text exercises, animations, crosswords, wordsearches and other enrichment activities.

Presentations - Over 760 Slides
Students learn about the key concepts in each topic.

ICT Workout is suitable for starters, main lessons and plenaries. It can be used for whole class and individual study, and is also ideal for revision and consolidation.
ICT Workout supports ICT GCSE and any ICT course at NQF level 1 or 2. It is also ideal for revision prior to any course at Level 3.

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Topics Covered
Computer Systems
Introduction to Computer Systems, Input & Output Devices, Storage Devices, Types of Software, Types of Computer, Files, Backups & Archives, System Life Cycle, Data Capture & Storage, Data Processing & Output, Networks

The Internet
Connecting to the Internet, The Internet, Cloud Computing

Sequences & Flowcharts, Introduction to Programming, Modelling & Simulation, CAD & CAM

Sensors & Control
Sensors, Data Logging, Control Systems & Technology

Social Aspects of ICT
The Social Impact of ICT, ICT & Learning, ICT & The Law, ICT & Employment, Business & ICT, Health & Safety, Types of Communication

Application Software
Word Processing & DTP, DBMS 1, DBMS 2, Spreadsheet Software, Presentation Software, Graphics Software

This product can be accessed by teachers and students of the purchasing school from any computer at school or at home, provided that they do not advertise/share the school login details externally with any other third parties.
Please read the Licence in full here.
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